2020 Porsche Panamera GTS Four-Door Specs, Engine, & Changes

2020 Porsche Panamera GTS Four-Door Specs, Engine, & Changes – Porsche’s second-generation Panamera, in each four-door hatchback and Sports Turismo sport-wagon guises, is a big, heavy car that excels at outsize performance, nevertheless of its state of tune. With a veritable armory of available high-tech chassis hardware, however, it might be brief on providing a sense of dynamic tactility and satisfaction to match its abilities. The new-for-2019 GTS variants aim to address that-and they largely succeed.

Porsche Panamera GTS Twin Turbo V 8 Specs 2020 Porsche Panamera GTS Four Door Specs, Engine, & Changes

Porsche Panamera GTS Twin-Turbo V-8 Specs

2020 Porsche Panamera GTS Four-Door Review

First off, the Panamera GTS and GTS Sports Turismo are porkers that feel as wide on the road as the Panamera’s 76.3-inch girth suggests. That’s due to the fact they’re fundamentally detuned versions of the grander all-wheel-drive Turbo models, that may think about in excess of 4700 pounds. The GTS’s twin-turbocharged 4.-liter V-8 is the exact same as the Turbo’s, although with improved encoding and lowered boost pressure (11.6 psi versus 18.8 to develop 453 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque compared to its big brother’s 550-hp and 567-lb-ft figures). A sports exhaust system with black quad tailpipes will come standard on the GTS and emits a deeply rumble at nonproductive that builds to a brassy snarl as revs technique the engine’s 6800-rpm redline.

A lighter in weight-duty eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with the same products proportions as the Turbo takes care of changing responsibilities with impressive grace and whip-click quickness. Its launch-control software-part of the standard Sport Chrono package, which involves a drive-mode selector dial on the steering wheel for Standard, Sport, Sport Plus, and Person settings-need to help give back zero-to-60-mph sprints in the mid-three-second range (we’ve in the past clocked Turbos as speedy as 3.0 seconds flat to the identical mark). A factory-reported top speed of 181 mph for the GTS and 180 for the GTS Sports Turismo is close to 10 mph under the Turbos.


Whilst not as arrestingly quick as the gutsier Turbo, the GTS is plenty rapid and can bolt out of corners with immediacy, thanks to a peak-torque plateau stretching out from 1800 to 4500 rpm and minimal calibration changes to its all-wheel-drive system. But the Panamera GTS’s most impressive attributes stem from a range of simple yet powerful chassis enhancements that impart a much more nimble and natural managing actions.

Porsche Panamera GTS Twin Turbo V 8 Redesign 2020 Porsche Panamera GTS Four Door Specs, Engine, & Changes

Porsche Panamera GTS Twin-Turbo V-8 Redesign

The GTS’s standard air springs and Porsche Active Suspension Control (electronically variable dampers) include a little stronger tuning for the dampers as nicely as a .4-inch lessen in ride height compared to the base Panamera; the system instantly lowers yet another .4 inch in Sports Plus mode. The front and rear anti-roll bars also are a touch stronger-equally the standard inactive devices and, in 48-volt active develop, as part of the $5000 Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) package. All the cars we sampled had this choice, which improves the Panamera’s overall roll stiffness. Included as well with PDCC Sport is Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, which gives an electronically controlled limited-slide rear differential as properly as brake-based torque vectoring on the rear axle to boost the car’s traction and rotation into and out of corners.

The GTS’s standard black-colored 20-inch wheels (21s also are available) and all-time of year wheels (275/40ZR-20s in front, 315/35ZR-20s at the rear) are the same sizes as the Turbos. The standard cast-iron brake rotors, 15.4 inches up front and 14.4 inches in the rear, are a bit larger than those on the cheaper, 440-hp Panamera 4S, but they are smaller in diameter than its big brother’s set. Having said that, all the GTS illustrations we drove have been fitted with the monstrous $8970 Porsche porcelain ceramic composite brake products (16.5 inches in front and 16.1 inches out back). Likewise, our cars also presented the non-obligatory $1620 Rear Axle Steering with Power Steering Plus package, which allows the rear wheels to turn up to 2.8 levels in the opposite path of the fronts at up to 31 mph, boosting low-speed maneuverability; it also allows the rears to convert in stage with the front wheels at greater speeds to raise stability.

Trundling about the overloaded, speed-camera-plagued byways of Bahrain as well as switching a dozen or more hot laps of the difficult Bahrain International Circuit, we looked into the bookends of the Panamera GTS’s features. We’ll have to wait to experience it in its natural environments of high-speed freeways and running mountain roads, yet the big GTS acquitted on its own effect when moved to the ragged edge on the Formula 1 track. Although its adjustments are modest, the GTS displays off its athletic character from its overall chassis setup as it functions up by way of the standard and properly helpful 18-way power-variable front sports seats and in your rear. Braking performance is steady, and reduce was nonexistent in spite of lap soon after lap of neglect. And after completely slowed down, the GTS can jump for apexes with unflappable poise, the rear-steering system effortlessly coordinating an almost pivotlike change in path that belies the car’s body weight.

However, in spite of this Panamera’s outstanding turn-in capacity, the GTS’s electronically assisted steering is tuned the exact same as the Turbo’s and speaks instead gently in answer to cornering causes. Pitted from the BMW M5, the Cadillac CTS-V, and the Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic, the newest Panamera Turbo completed last in part since of its muted helm. Likewise, the GTS’s numerous electronic helpers can be filtering out some of the much more sensitive motions of its body under cornering tons in spite of doggedly handling the car’s important mass. And if you disregard the Panamera’s mass, anticipate its car tires, even with their prodigious traction, to swiftly yield to heating weakness.

Porsche Panamera GTS Twin Turbo V 8 Engine 2020 Porsche Panamera GTS Four Door Specs, Engine, & Changes

Porsche Panamera GTS Twin-Turbo V-8 Engine

That’s basically to be expected of a near-2.5-ton hatchback enlisted into challenging-core track work. These are still large, luxurious four- or five-seaters that acquire no ill impact from the sportier setups, although the GTS is the lone Panamera variant not to be provided in extended-wheelbase Executive form. Ride quality-even over some of the larger curbing on the Bahrain circuit-is excellent, fit and complete is magnificently rendered, and the services are wonderful. Coordintaing with the exterior’s black trim and badging, there are GTS images on the front seatbacks, brushed-aluminum features along the dash, and black Alcantara on the seats, headliner, door individual panels, and steering wheel. The recommended GTS Interior package contributes some heat to the dark décor with both red or silver contrast stitches, seatbelts, and accent color in the tachometer.

2020 Porsche Panamera GTS Four-Door Release Date & Price

Other noteworthy features include the base GTS’s active rear spoiler, obtained from the Turbo model, which deploys and adapts at speed to manage rear downforce (the Sport Turismo keeps its small flip-up active spoiler); and the Panamera’s new-for-2019 head-up display, a $1720 alternative that will project a range of configurable performance, driver-guidance, and vehicle details specifically in the driver’s line of sight.

Although not totally transformative, the GTS treatment does make the Panamera a much better-driving machine and the most entertaining four-door Porsche. And regardless of a very dear starting price of $129,350 (or $135,550 for the Sports Turismo), the general benefit equation of Porsche’s GTS models is true on this page, too, with its additional equipment and its sportier manner; the base Turbo model instructions over $23K far more. We don’t expect to discover their whereabouts in attendance at community track days, but the new Panamera GTS models are indeed a much more fulfilling way to finesse the regulations of physics as they apply to a large luxury four-door.